Reliance Jio 4G Pricing, Plans, Data Packs & all your 25 Questions Answered

Reliance JIO Questions & Answers

What are eligible tariffs for night plans?
All the tariff plans starting from Rs. 19 are eligible for unlimited night plans. Except Rs 149 as listed by company.
What are the timing for night plans?
It is reported that the timings for night plan are going to be from 2 AM to 5 AM. It is confirmed by company.
What are the criteria for students plans?
Nothing is stated by the company, but supposedly students with valid identity cards issued from their respective schools and colleges should be eligible for student plans on JIO.
How to activate students plans?
If you have a valid ID card as proof from your school or college, then you can head over to any Jio store and claim your Student offer.
What are the tariffs for students plans?
All the tariffs for student plans remain the same as that of the regular plans. But under student plans, users will be getting up to 25 percent additional data.
Is Jio Welcome Offer available for existing Jio users?
Yes, the Jio Welcome Offer is available for all the existing users as well, in addition to the new users. Under this offer, the Free unlimited data, voice calls & messages will be extended till 31st December.
How to do porting from existing mobile operator to Jio network?
Once the Jio network services go live starting 5th September, you will be able to walk into a Jio store with a unique code which you can get by dialling 1900. Submit your documents with this unique code and fill in the form and get your number ported from any current mobile network. You can check the detailed article here.
Will Jio have exclusive stores or will they continue their operations from Reliance Digital?
Jio already has Exclusive stores across the country. It is expected that more and more exclusive stores will open up once the services are adopted by the consumers.
Will Jio be available for non-4G smartphones i.e. will they offer 3G too?
Jio is not availble for non-4G smartphones. However, if you wish to use the services, then you can purchase a JioFi device and use it to create a hotspot and connect up to 10 devices wirelessly including the 2G & 4G devices. See the steps to make HD calls using JioFi device via Jio Join App.
How does minimum rate of Rs 50/gb arrive with the plans listed?
Once you exhaust your data limit, then users will be charged 5 paise/MB of data. This amounts to Rs. 50/GB.
When does the MNP to Jio starts?
The MNP to Jio starts from 5th September i.e. when the Jio mobile network launches officially.
What are Enterprise Plans?
Reliance Jio announced plans for corporate and media houses under enterprise plans. Where the company would be making services like video conference, concierge services as well as reduced international rates.
What are the tariffs for Enterprise Plans?
There is no information available regarding the tariffs for Enterprise JIO SIM as the company is yet to roll out this service.
What are the tariffs for Fibre Plans to Home?
Currently, the company hasn’t rolled out the FTTH service. It would first come to selected cities and then later expand to top 100 cities across India.
Does JioFi also qualify for free one yr 4G just like LYF phones?
As per information available, the company is not offering free 4G for either LYF handset owners or any Jio-FI owners. The free services are available until December 2016 only. After that tariffs apply for every user.
Is there any Network related helpline line Airtel’s open network?
Currently, the brand hasn’t made anything in the line of Airtel’s Open Network available where users can check the strength of network coverage. Though, the new telecom provider is working on providing this kind of a service where users can report as well if the network is weak.
Where are JIO services available in the country?
It would be available across the nation starting September 5th. You just have to walk down to nearest Reliance Digital, Xpress Mini or any third-party authorised store.
What is the Hotspot Data cap mentioned in tariffs?
The brand is going to introduce 1 Million hotspot across the country, and the Hotspot Data cap you see in tariffs is for accessing the internet using those Hotspots. They would be available at public locations such as colleges, schools and popular public places in the country.
Will it use data for VoLTE calls on JIO?
Yes, it will use data for VoLTE.
Will data used for VoLTE calls be used from the available data?
No, it will not be counted for in the available data which users get up on recharging.
I’m not able to make calls to Airtel from my JIO SIM. Will calls to other network become better in future?
Reliance appealed other telecom players regarding this situation as reported earlier. Airtel was among first to reply with a press release stating that company will be cooperating with Jio regarding call interaction between Jio to Airtel number.
What are the customer care number for Reliance Jio?
Dial 199 from your Jio number to get in touch with the customer number.
Will there be any blackout days?
No, Reliance clearly mentions that there will not be any blackout days and users will not be charged for any SMS at any given time.
Will there be any charges for the SMS?
No all the SMS and voice calls are free of cost.
Not able to connect to the internet from my Jio SIM. Why?
If you are facing this issue, then chances are that you might have saved the mobile internet settings required for the internet access. You can had over to our seperate article for getting APN details on your JIO SIM.
Is there a FUP for JIO Welcome Offer?
Yes, there is indeed. According to the sources, JIO users under Welcome Offer have FUP limit up to 4GB per day. Post expiry of the daily limit of 4GB 4G LTE data, unlimited data free at reduced speed of 128Kbps.
Disclaimer: The answer you see above reflects the information stated during the Annual General Meeting held this morning by Reliance Industries Limited. Some of the information are also taken from third-party Reliance Jio retailers. You can comment below if you feel any questions that we have answered above is not true. We shall not be responsible for the information shared above by us.


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