Snapdragon 625 vs Snapdragon 636 | Specs Comparison

Everyone knows that snapdragon 636 is a better SoC than 625, but do you know the exact differences which makes it better SoC than 625.

Recently Xiaomi Launched Redmi Note 5 & Redmi Note 5 Pro
Note 5 Pro Has Snapdragon 636 soc, which is better than Snapdragon 625 soc.
but do we know the exact differences? That's why we come up with a comparison to find out the exact differences.

Both the soc are based on 14nm technology.
both the soc has 64 bit processor.
Both have Octa Core Processor.
625 has ARM designed core. (Non Modified)
636 has Custom Core. (Modified by Qualcomm)
The custom Core is known KRYO Core.
The Custom core is obtained by altering the design of the cortex core which is designed by ARM.
625 has 2 Ghz Clock Speed. 636 has 1.8 Ghz Clock Speed
636 has lower clock speed, then why it is still faster? Because 636 has KRYO core, which is more efficient than native ARM CORTEX core.
625 has x9 lte modem. 636 has x12 lte modem
625 has download speed of 300 mbps. 636 has download speed 600 mbps.
636 has better modem, so it can achieve better downloading & uploading speed.
Both can support upto 24 mp camera (single lens)
625 can support upto 13mp + 13mp camera (Dual lens). 636 can support upto 16mp + 16mp camera (dual lens)
both the soc have 2 ISP
625 has adreno 506 GPU. 636 has adreno 509 GPU.
Clock rate of Adreno 506 is a bit of lower than 509
Both the GPU is manufactured on 14 nm technology.
Both support upto 4k Video recording and playback at 30fps. But when it comes to 1080p video, 636 frame rate is much better than 625
625 = 1080p recording & playback @30fps. 636 = 1080p recording & playback @60fps
Both support Full HD display resolution
625 = Quick charge 3. 636 = Quick Charge 4 (But Smartphone companies dont enable quick charge 3 or 4 with budget smartphones.
Both support LPDDR4 / LPDDR3 RAM
625 RAM Speed 933 mhz. 636 RAM Speed 1333 mhz
Both the soc have 64 bit processor, so they can support more than 4gb of RAM.
636 has greater RAM Clock Speed, so it can perform multitasking smoothly.
625 = Bluetooth 4.1 and 636 = Bluetooth 5 (Bluetooth 5 has greater transfer rate @2mbps and also has larger range
Wifi peak speed 364 mbps (for both)
Both have NFC feature.
So, as expected 636 has better specs.
It is worth to upgrade from 625 to 636


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